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News / August 08, 2021

DMC Becomes Inductive Automation Premier Integrator

Company Sees Much Success with Ignition Software Platform

Inductive Automation has designated DMC as an Inductive Automation Premier Integrator. This is the highest level of integrator certification recognized by Inductive Automation, a leading industrial automation software company. Its key product, Ignition by Inductive Automation®, is used in virtually every industry, in more than 100 countries.

DMC is a project-based engineering consulting firm focused on software development and control systems. The company works in a wide range of industries, including food & beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, energy, aerospace, and oil & gas. DMC has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Denver, and Seattle.

“Ignition has become a key platform for our manufacturing automation and intelligence service area, enabling us to solve challenging problems and deliver best-in-class solutions for our customers,” said Frank Riordan, president of DMC. “Ignition’s robust capabilities and ease of deployment continually prove the platform’s value for our customers and our engineers. DMC is excited to grow our partnership with Inductive Automation.”

DMC first began working with Ignition five years ago and was so impressed with Ignition’s capabilities that the platform quickly became a cornerstone of DMC’s SCADA service offerings.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with DMC over the years,” said Travis Cox, co-director of sales engineering at Inductive Automation. “They’re a very enthusiastic and energetic company, and they’re extremely dedicated to their customers. DMC has deep knowledge of automation, and it shows with the projects they’ve completed with Ignition.”

Inductive Automation looks forward to working more closely with DMC, which is becoming increasingly active in the Ignition community.

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