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News / June 04, 2020

Inductive Automation Designates NV Tecnologias an Authorized Ignition Distributor

Will Provide Ignition Sales, Support, and Training Throughout Central America

Inductive Automation has named NV Tecnologias an Authorized Ignition Distributor for the Central American countries of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Belize. NV Tecnologias is based in Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica. The company looks forward to expanding on Ignition’s enthusiastic following in the region — and furthering the Ignition sense of community there among integrators and other users.

Authorized Ignition Distributors provide local sales, support, and training in regions where Inductive Automation does not have offices. Authorized Ignition Distributors have comprehensive knowledge of local markets. They also have experience in industrial automation, and in sales and marketing.

“After several years of relationship and continuous growth with a partner that has strongly supported us, this news comes as a reward for this joint effort,” said Allan Núñez, president of NV Tecnologias. “In this era of Industry 4.0, it strengthens our mission and consolidates our activity towards a business model in which we — along with local integrators as strategic partners — can converge on a philosophy that allows end customers to obtain the best results, the best technology, and new ways of organizing production systems while reducing their expenses and boosting their growth.”

NV Tecnologias is an industrial hardware and software distributor focusing on Ignition SCADA, industrial instrumentation, automation, and connectivity solutions. For more information, visit