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News / April 22, 2009

Inductive Automation New Releases

We have just released FactoryPMI 3.3.2 build 2754, FactorySQL 4.2.10 build

We have just released FactoryPMI 3.3.2 build 2754, FactorySQL 4.2.10 build 1232 and Reporting Plugin 1.1.17. Here are the changelogs:

Version 3.3.2 build 2754 (Release Date 4/22/2009)

  • New: fpmi.tag.writeToTagSynchronous() call allows synchronous tag updates.
  • Improved: Table.setColumnAttributesDataset now uses automatic type-coersion.
  • Improved: Table editing now overwrites/selects all when editing begins.
  • Improved: Accessability improved on the dynamic property customizer.
  • Improved: Various improvements to the IP Cam Viewer component to support Linksys and Mobotix cameras.
  • Improved: Low level comm detail should improve HTTP keep-alive performance.
  • Improved: Mouse scroll wheel support added to script editors.
  • Improved: Easy chart axes now have a minimum auto-range size of 1.0 to prevent strange tick units on flatline data.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused projects to be unable to launch in Applet mode.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused an error on classic charts in category mode that had zero rows of data.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused tabbing off the last cell of an editable table and then clicking a button caused the cell to not commit the edit.
  • Fixed: Bug in table.setValue() that caused it to not coerce from python datatypes well.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused the Designer's custom palettels to not be re-created if they were lost.
  • Fixed: Chart now draws selection highlight correctly when the chart has a border.
  • Fixed: Easy Chart now correctly fires mouse events.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused the module editor's buffer to get cleared when also running the script playground.
  • Fixed: Datasource can now support -1 for the Max Idle pooling parameter.
  • Fixed: Minor bug in the HTML formatting of the Table's exportHTML function.
  • Fixed: Possible NPE when deleting a component.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused the internal authentication profile to not perform soft failover correctly.
Version 4.2.10 build 1232 (Release Date 4/22/2009)
  • Fixed - Polled read option with DA2 servers creating unnecessary subscription, leads to incorrect error detection.
  • Fixed - Block group CSV export not including action item data type, writeback path.
  • Fixed - CSV export missing failure handshake settings.
  • Fixed - Progress screen during save occasionally stays open.
  • Added - new expression functions for retrieving data cache row count.
Version 1.1.17 (Release Date 3/20/09)
  • Fixed: Minor wording changes on demo watermarks.
You can download the new version from If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

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