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News / March 11, 2009

Inductive Automation tests cross-platform OPC UA connectivity at 2009 North American Interop

Inductive Automation is pleased to announce that its next generation pure-JavaTM OPC UA software stack recently made its debut at the 2009 OPC Interop, with great results. OPC-UA, the next generation of the popular industrial specification, promises robust cross-platform communication in addition to a variety of benefits over the current platform. Inductive Automation is committed to leveraging all of the benefits promised by OPC-UA in the next generation of its software, and has taken the initiative of being the first company to independently implement the OPC-UA specification.

"Inductive Automation is seen as a leader in open, cross-platform SCADA systems," comments Steve Hechtman, President of Inductive Automation, "and we see OPC-UA as an integral part of our vision for the future."

The recent finalization of the specification means that the market should start to see the first wave of compatible products within the year. Inductive Automation intends to be at the forefront of these products with a variety of exciting offerings.

Inductive Automation
Inductive Automation pioneered the first full-featured web-launched HMI/SCADA system in the world. Its standards based, database-centric architecture receives accolades from plant managers, IT managers, and system integrators worldwide. With a commitment to software quality and technical support second to none, Inductive Automation is at the forefront of industrial software.