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News / March 15, 2011

New OEE Software Module Reduces Implementation Time & Cost

Ignition OEE Downtime Module Released

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can require implementation effort that typically costs two to three times that of the software licensing fees. Manufacturers can now get up and running in considerably less time with the Ignition OEE Downtime Module, developed by Inductive Automation.

Fast Implementation
The OEE software is web-based—which means the software is installed in one location, and easily accessed from anywhere on the company’s network via a computer or mobile device. The software’s pre-built screens and standardized efficiency calculations cut down on costs associated with development time. Included screens, reports, and analysis tools can be modified or created from scratch to meet a company’s unique requirements.

Unlimited Licensing Makes It Cost Effective
Inductive Automation’s unlimited licensing model removes the often cost-prohibitive—and usually time consuming—negotiations with software vendors for licensing costs that are usually based on the customer’s usage per line, per cell, per tag, and per client. Ignition’s modules are licensed with unlimited lines, unlimited cells, unlimited data usage, and unlimited clients by the physical production site and server, which means customers will pay one price, use it as much as they like, and get on with business.

OEE Software & Downtime Tracking Combined
Calculating overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) using automated software is most effective when combined with downtime tracking. OEE calculations provide an indication about the current efficiency for a line, a machine, a production run, a facility, or even the entire enterprise. Downtime tracking is one of the keys to unlock information about where to focus efforts to make improvements so operations can raise the efficiency of their facilities.

The new OEE software module performs downtime tracking, asset utilization analysis, production scheduling and work order management. Managers are empowered to reduce operating cost, increase asset utilization and boost operating efficiency that results in improved profitability.

Test a Full Version For Free
A trial version of the OEE Downtime Module, which includes a working demo, can be downloaded for free to evaluate and how it works with existing systems. Ignition and OEE Downtime Module can work as stand-alone systems, or alongside other software already on a user’s systems. The Ignition modules are cross platform and can connect with industry standard SQL databases.

The OEE Downtime Module is the first in a series of manufacturing execution system (MES) software modules developed for Ignition by Inductive Automation. Visit for more information on the OEE Downtime Module.