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News / June 10, 2010

Our Customers Drive Our Software Development

Inductive Automation Attends OPC Seminar Roadshows

Our core success lies in our customers. Last month we greatly enjoyed meeting, talking, and hearing from attendees who stopped by our Ignition booth at the OPC Seminar in Portland, Ore.

Carl Gould, one of our lead developers, helped man the booth. Gould related his experience, “It's always fun to show people in person what Ignition can do. In particular, demonstrating web-launching of Ignition Vision clients always gets a great reaction. Web-launching is one of those technologies that is hard to really ‘get’ until you see it live, in front of your eyes. At the roadshow we have one laptop running Windows and another running Linux, both web-launching from the same Ignition Gateway. This always helps people grasp the convenience and cost-savings potential of using Ignition.”

Since listening to customers is a driving force behind software development, Inductive Automation values attending industry events and personal interaction with software users.

Web-launched clients was just one of our product features that was developed because of what we heard from customers. They were looking for a better way to implement and maintain control systems.

One of the driving forces behind what we do day-to-day is listening to our customers, and creating a product that is, simply put, what “they asked for.” It’s probably one of the top benefits our integrators and end-users appreciate about our company. It’s part of our mission statement, and it’s a different experience in this industry.

Kyle Chase, who we featured in a story in May’s newsletter, is just one of our users who values our support and development team. He said, “I have said many times, both in phone conversations with colleagues, and in various forums, that Inductive Automation has the best tech support in the industry. … IA has always found a solution to bugs I find (or make!!) and the developers have bent over backwards to fix bugs and help with complex code. This goes a long way, especially in our industry.”

It’s customers like Kyle Chase who help us know what our users need and want from their software. We encourage you to talk to us about your projects, and what you’re trying to accomplish. The best way is to visit the forum and post the challenge you are trying to overcome, and we’ll see what we can do to help. The developers of Ignition frequently visit and respond to forum posts—so you can be sure you’ll be heard by the creators behind our software. Oftentimes since Ignition is so flexible, we can show you how to solve the issue at hand. If not, we take notice of those unsolved challenges and consider them in the development of future product releases.

We love it when customers interact with us—call us, email us, or visit us in person at industry events. For those of you who were unable to attend the OPC Seminar, there are more coming up! We’ll be at the rest of the OPC Seminar events this year, and encourage you to attend if you can—especially if you’re in the area. These OPC Roadshow events are free to attend and a great way to get up to speed with what OPC-UA technology has to offer.

June 23 - Minneapolis, MN

October 20 – Boston, MA

November 2 – Atlanta, GA