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Press Release / September 21, 2023

SafetyChain and SiteSync Join Inductive Automation’s Alliance Partner Program

The Ignition Ecosystem Expands with the Addition of Two Companies to the New Alliance Partner Program

FOLSOM, Calif. (September 21, 2023) – Inductive Automation has announced the addition of two more companies to its Alliance Partner Program: SafetyChain and SiteSync. Each company will bring unique services that support the program’s “better together” story, adding to an already impressive list of software, cloud, and analytics solutions.

This cloud-based software is a first-of-its-kind digital plant management platform with fully integrated tools for production, safety and quality, maintenance, and supplier compliance. From receiving to load-out, SafetyChain is trusted by over 2,000 facilities as their complete solution to improve performance by easily capturing, managing, and analyzing critical operations and continuous improvement data in real-time from anywhere.

"Inductive Automation is a true pioneer in empowering manufacturers’ digital transformation journey. Sharing this vision, SafetyChain is proud to have been selected as an Alliance Partner. Together, we add value by combining Ignition-collected data with mobile-collected data to empower frontline workers in real time. Our combined solutions leverage data to dramatically impact a manufacturer's bottom line by significantly improving performance in key areas such as uptime, throughput, yield, and labor," says Barry Maxon, CEO & co-founder of SafetyChain Software.

SiteSync leverages the latest sensor connectivity technology, including LoRaWAN, LTE, and more, to allow industrial users to bring stranded assets and manual measurements into a central source of truth for data visualization, alarming, and advanced AI analysis. SiteSync enables field users to deploy IIoT sensors with the same ease of commercial IoT systems via pre-configured devices and QR codes to commission devices.

The SiteSync Ignition Module provides field technicians, OT, and IT team members, with tools that make deploying IIoT easy across the organization. SiteSync's UDT library creates normalized and decoded sensor data in Ignition, ready to be consumed by upstream data users.

“We believe Inductive Automation provides an unparalleled platform for deploying IIoT at scale. SiteSync is looking forward to helping the Ignition community bring the ease of Home Automation to the Industrial space through our partnership and the SiteSync LoRaWAN module. Our goal is to enable Ignition users and integrators to easily bring new IIoT technologies to their end users and help guide them in finding additional ROI for their Ignition projects,” says Michael Brauer, Vice President, SiteSync.

About the Alliance Partner Program
Inductive Automation’s Alliance Partner Program showcases a select group of technology companies which provide valuable products and services that complement Ignition. Partners involved with the Alliance Partner Program will work closely with Inductive Automation’s Industry & Education Engagement team to specifically discuss co-marketing opportunities. To learn more about IA’s Alliance Partner Program, visit

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