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News / March 09, 2010

Upcoming Webinar: Web-Based, Cross-Platform SCADA Software Works With IT, N

Featuring David Lewis from Sierra Nevada Brewery

Inductive Automation will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 17 from 9-10am PDT. The event is free. Register here.

Ignition is based entirely on modern, cross-platform technology, which means IT personnel are already familiar with the computing languages used in the software. When most SCADA software is frowned upon by IT departments, Ignition gets a thumbs up.

Of course, sometimes it takes some convincing.

Join us as David Lewis tells us his story of discovering how easy Ignition is to use - and why when his IT staff got done testing the software they loved it! In their words, it’s "the go-to software." Lewis is the business analyst for Sierra Nevada Brewery, the sixth largest brewery in the United States.

The brewery used to have a long list of requests waiting to be integrated into the system, until now. Instead, the tables have turned and they’ve had to slow down putting features on the SCADA system, just so plant operators can have time to adjust to the changes.

The webinar will include Ignition’s technical advantages, such as:

- Downloads and installs in minutes
- Easy to maintain with its server-based architecture
- Web based (HTTP+SSL). Client side Java support; clients launch anywhere
- Secure remote access is simple with VPNs or SSL - Instant client updates system-wide
- SQL database support; IT department can backup/maintain/administer just like any other SQL database
- Active Directory or SQL Database Authentication options
- Backs up to one single file
- Cross-platform
- OPC-UA based; free OPC-UA server included

TO REGISTER, click here