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video The Ignition Effect

What Is The Ignition Effect?

"The Ignition Effect” is not just about technology, but how Ignition creates a ripple effect that reshapes systems and sparks solutions. This series offers a panoramic view of the transformative power of Ignition told by the people who use it every day. Watch these videos to witness the impact Ignition has on its community and explore what it can do for you! 

7 min video

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webinar | December 14, 2023

Data Centers: How DCIM Improves Your Daily Operations

In this webinar, experts from Inductive Automation and ATS Global will look at those common requirements and present how an open data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution based on Ignition can help you to comply, and maybe even change the public opinion about Data Centers in the long term. We’ll also present a new Ignition demo for data centers.

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article Guide

Hosted/Multi-tenant Ignition Cloud Edition Guidance

Inductive Automation is proud to permit the licensing use of hosted and multi-tenant applications at no additional cost to the licensee when using Ignition Cloud Edition. Hosting enables flexible resource sharing and “pay as you go” service models. Multi-tenancy can enable the broad delivery of custom Ignition applications as a service. This change enables new service provider roles with the potential to benefit the greater Ignition community. However, these models inherently introduce risk to stakeholders.

13 min read

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icc | 2023 Keynote

Main Keynote: Elevating Automation

Let's kick off the 2023 Ignition Community Conference on a high note. Join Inductive Automation's leadership team as they reflect on the past year, look toward the future, and give you a bird's-eye view of our growing company, ever-evolving industry, and thriving Ignition community. This is ICC, elevated!

98 min video

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New Possibilities at the Edge

As industrial organizations do more at the edge of the network, important new questions are arising. What is the relationship between edge systems and centralized systems? What can you do at the edge that you couldn’t do before? How can you use the edge with the cloud effectively?

47 min video

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customer project Manufacturing

Global Collaboration Helps Steel Manufacturer Implement Centralized Control Room

The main purpose of Uddeholm, a Voestalpine company, is to manufacture high-quality industrial steel tools, applying best practices for an efficient use of resources and a sustainable development. This strategy has led Uddeholm to become the world’s leading steel tool manufacturer with more than 350 years of innovation and presence in more than 90 countries.

5 min video

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customer project Food and Beverage

All Equipment And Recipes Across 10 Lines Monitored With Single Project

This Ignition project came as a result of a controls-focused project on increasing OEE across 10 packaging lines, specifically monitoring two aspects of production. The first was trending the speeds of each piece of equipment on the line to allow users to monitor the V-Curve over time. The second was maintaining equipment recipe data and tracking when changes were made.

6 min video

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customer project Manufacturing

Glass Company Increases Profitability With True-North Metrics

HMI Glass was facing numerous challenges impacting profitability, leading to reduced earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) since 2018. The scope of the project was to utilize intelligent manufacturing data to implement a lean management model and drive cultural transformation. The success of the project was tied to fees based on performance and utilized a gainshare model based on a cost of poor-quality improvement.

10 min video

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customer project Energy

Real-Time Data & Custom Drivers Allow Power Supplier to Anticipate Demand

First Gen is one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in the Philippines that has an interest in power generation and power distribution. While Energy Development Corporation is a diversified renewable energy company, both are under the First Philippine Holdings Corporation – A Lopez Group of Companies, who constantly strive to meet the needs of its customers. In June 2021, the Enhanced Wholesale Electricity Spot Market Design Operations (EWDO) was launched. This officially started the new regulations for shortening of the dispatch interval: instead of a per-hour basis, it was transitioned to a five-minute interval. First Gen and Energy Development Corporation (EDC) have adapted the five-minute interval in their Central Dispatch Operations (CDO). This new regulation was addressed by installing multiple Ignition gateways for faster data monitoring, collection, and secured control of power generation across more than 30+ power plants (and counting). Controtek developed customized drivers to get the real-time dispatch setpoints from the Independent Electricity Market Operator of the Philippines (IEMOP) to meet the demands of the operations and compliance with the new regulation of the EWDO.

12 min video

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customer project Chemicals

Digital Troubleshooting Guide Boosts Chemical Company's Efficiency

Cooley Group has a corporate Manufacturing 4.0/Digital Transformation initiative that it is implementing using the Ignition platform. RoviSys was brought on to help guide Cooley Group on this journey and develop the functionalities it needed in a templatized way that promotes scalability and supportability. Cooley Group requested the use of Ignition to develop a Digital Troubleshooting Guide that operators could use to help resolve downtime events impacting their OEE. For this project, RoviSys implemented a creative solution that gave Cooley Group exactly what it asked for, yet made it easy for it to build and configure on its own within the Ignition designer.

3 min video

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customer project Water/Wastewater

Water Utility Seamlessly Transitions Operating Systems And Speed Development

Design and develop a new treatment plant HMI to replace WinCC and condense third-party applications into one platform.

9 min video

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customer project Oil and Gas

SCADA Screens Enable Unified Operations For Leading Energy Provider

PureWest Energy, the largest producer of natural gas in Wyoming, engaged a leading system integrator to develop SCADA screens for both the desktop and mobile platforms. The integrator created has created a development plan to build a customized, scalable SCADA system.

10 min video

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