Empower Innovation With Unlimited Licensing

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Reese Tyson

Sales Engineer III

Inductive Automation

Greg Schneider

Senior Engineer and Project Manager

Multi-Dimensional Integration

Brandon Lockee

SCADA Department Manager


Jan Madsen


Enuda AB

The high cost of conventional SCADA software licensing models can hold integrators back from delivering innovative solutions to their customers. And for an integrator embarking on a new controls project, this can feel like suffering through a traffic jam, with blocked-off roads or toll booths at every turn.

But imagine instead a licensing model that makes working on a controls project feel more like zipping down the autobahn — getting to say “yes” to nearly anything a customer wants, speedily delivering scalable solutions, and actually having fun in the process. This is the refreshing reality with Ignition’s unlimited licensing model, because it eliminates the pain points of conventional models.

Discover the pure magic of an unlimited licensing model in this webinar, with examples of real-world projects that benefited tremendously from having unlimited tags, clients, screens, devices, and more, for one single, astonishingly affordable price.

Learn how you can:

  • Ease the pain points of conventional licensing models
  • Create future-proofed, highly scalable SCADA solutions
  • Deliver SCADA solutions at a fraction of traditional costs
  • Implement your innovative ideas without needing to justify the ROI
Posted on January 9, 2024