Perspective Planning Checklist

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Perspective Planning Checklist

To get the best out of your Perspective project, we developed this project checklist for you to use. While you can easily build your project in Perspective right out of the box, having a plan of attack will enable you to use Perspective in its full capacity. We recommend that you follow this checklist prior to your build to help jumpstart your project.

Design and Layout

Knowing what you want to accomplish ahead of time will help accelerate your development. Having these details beforehand will help you figure out the best way to approach the buildout phase of your project and how to best use the tools in the Perspective Module.

☐ Identify what screen sizes you’re building for:

☐ Mobile Device Level

☐ HMI / Kiosk Level

☐ Desktop Level

☐ Large Screen Dashboard Level

☐ Determine if your project will use multiple monitors

☐ Determine what you want to accomplish on each screen size

☐ Decide what pages or tabs you would like to have

☐ Define the actions you want users to take

☐ Build wireframes for your screens

☐ Determine your color scheme, themes, etc.

☐ Collect images, symbols, icons, etc., for your design

Security and Role Management

With Ignition 8 and the Perspective Module’s new security tools, it is important to map out your security and role management implementation plan. This will help reduce the amount of headaches moving forward.

☐ Determine what type and level of security you require

☐ Determine who will have access to the applications

☐ Determine the locations where the application will be accessed

☐ Define the access based on role and location

☐ Consider what authorization systems will be used, i.e. Federated Identity Providers

☐ Plan on implementing auditing

Data and Scripting

Perspective gives you the power to handle data like never before. Now with the ability to leverage sensor data from mobile phones, you can make data from plant and manufacturing floors even more useful.

☐ Map out and identify all data sources coming in from your plant / manufacturing floors and at the edge.

☐ Consider how your data will be handled and how it will be stored (Coordinate with IT)

☐ Determine what enterprise / third-party systems will interface with your industrial application (Coordinate with IT)

☐ Define the data sources provided by your mobile device. Consider:

☐ Accelerometer Data

☐ GPS Data

☐ Camera


☐ Bluetooth

☐ Etc.

☐ Define specifically what your data will provide during the session, or on the page, view, etc. (Note: this will help guide your scripting and transform efforts.)

Posted on December 22, 2020