EFA Automazione S.p.A. & Orva s.r.l. Revamp Plants Under Advanced Supervision System

SCADA, MES, and More for Several Plants

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EFA Automazione S.p.A. is the Authorized Ignition Distributor for Italy. Based in Milan, EFA distributes connectivity and industrial-communication solutions to machine manufacturers and system integrators while supporting IIoT and Industry 4.0 architectures. Visit EFA.it.
Food & Beverage
End User
Orva s.r.l.
Orva, based in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, has been operating in the food sector since 1979. The company produces Italian flatbread, sliced bread, and many other baked goods.
Orva needed to revamp its plants, putting them under a single direction through an advanced supervision system open to future expansions.
Orva chose Ignition for its advanced features. In addition to the typical SCADA functions, Ignition provides powerful MES-level tools, and calculation of the main KPIs. Ignition helps with advanced communication and interfacing capabilities with Orva’s large and diverse fleet of machines.
The project plans to use Ignition not only for supervisory control activities of the production plants, but also as a monitoring and supervision center for the entire building and service utilities. “We are working on the implementation of Ignition,” said Gianluca Bertoletti of Orva. “Users at the new plant in Bagnacavallo are connected in supervision, and we’re progressing in the implementation of the eight production lines.”
Project Info

  • Approx. 13,500 tags (plus continuous expansion)
  • Approx. 100 screens (plus continuous expansion)
  • 16 fixed operator clients, 12 office stations
  • 1,000 alarms (plus continuous expansion)
  • Central server and remote PLCs from various suppliers
  • Standard Ignition Architecture
  • SQL Server Standard databases; different databases depending on type of information (trend, production data, etc.)
  • Thousands of rows of historical data, always on SQL


Posted on May 27, 2020