Smithfield Hog Production Improves Feed Mill Operations with Modern SCADA Platform

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Project Scope

  • Tags: 48,548
  • Screens: 10
  • Clients: Unlimited
  • Alarms: 5,400
  • Devices used: Allen-Bradley 5069-L300 series (4) and one 1769-L18ER
  • Architectures used: Standard
  • Databases used: two Microsoft SQL Server Standard, one Millmaster Software, one Historian
  • Historical data logged: 1,654 Tags

Project Overview

This project — automating the hog feed production plant at Smithfield Hog Production’s facility in Milford, Utah — uses Allen-Bradley CompactLogix processors accompanied with Flex and SLC I/O hardware. The computers are based on a virtual environment, having all machines running on a common server connected to thin clients. CPM Beta Raven’s MillMaster is the interface for the consumer to receive product, run recipes, track inventory, and loadout product seamlessly and accurately.



In any manufacturing environment there is a growing desire and need for automation and data logging/tracking. That’s particularly true when making products that require large batch sizes at fast paces with strict ingredient tolerances. The need for protein for humans is constantly growing; therefore, the need for Smithfield to increase production is necessary. We have come a long way from employees adding ingredients by hand and using pushbuttons and relays to control equipment in the facilities. There was a great need to have lot tracking, ingredient deviations, and a more uniform product.



The CPM Beta Raven automation system package has made it possible and simple for individuals to run many processes in tandem, while maintaining accuracy and protecting expensive equipment investments. The Ignition platform has provided several features that streamline the process of developing and troubleshooting customers’ needs for fast results. CPM Beta Raven has made use of making templates and user-defined data types to quickly replicate similar machinery and other such equipment.

 Ignition’s email and text feature allows Smithfield staff to know they will be made aware of events they desire to be notified on. Manufacturing has a constant need to upgrade, change, or remove certain equipment, and with Ignition the company can make changes to any part of the system without interruption of any ongoing processes.

 The Historian tool has become a standard for CPM Beta Raven’s customer base. The company teaches customers to use this feature to track ongoing issues, possible upcoming issues, and to help overall efficiency of the production plant.

 At Smithfield, there are certain products added to the batches that must come with very strict tolerances. This can be handled with a CPM Beta Raven Micro Scale system. CPM Beta Raven provides the turnkey scale indicators, bins, screw augers, weigh hoppers, dust socks, accompanying infrastructure, and automation solution. With these scales, customers can expect ingredient tolerances to be within the scale’s resolution (typically hundredths of a pound). This is a repeatable process. The database keeps track of free fall weights in order to compensate for product that will fall once the screw auger has come to a stop.



Major benefits from the project include the efficiency and response times of the software. The manufacturing business is fast-paced, safety-oriented, and dependent upon the Ignition HMI client to provide real-time data. For the Smithfield facility, it’s important to know the status of the boiler; without it the plant will not produce. This mill now has the comfort of knowing the management will be alerted on their phones in the event the boiler malfunctions. Before the CPM Beta Raven system integration project, the feed mill worked entirely on pushbuttons, relay circuit boards, and physical labor. Now the operators have the capability to focus more on ingredient/product accuracy and production times for the best results. This provides Smithfield the ability to serve more hog farms and therefore provide more protein for humans everywhere.

Project Information

Created By:   CPM Beta Raven

CPM Beta Raven is a prominent supplier of automated process control systems in the feed industry. It’s a leading company with over 40 years of experience in supplying automation control and micro scale systems. CPM Beta Raven also offers superior controls for pet-food, bakery, tortilla, and premix industries. The company functions as a total service vendor with single-source responsibility for its world-class-designed and manufactured products.


Project For:   Smithfield Hog Production

Smithfield Foods values the trust that consumers place in its market-leading brands for their great taste, outstanding quality, and value. Smithfield is working harder than ever to provide families around the world with nutritious, delicious, and affordable food. The company is also working hard to find innovative ways to accomplish that — through new products and processes, while being ever-mindful of the impact its operations have on the planet.

Posted on October 1, 2021