From Zero to SCADA: Rapidly Building a SCADA System from the Pipeline to the Cloud

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Mo Moore

Director of Software Services

Industrial Networking Solutions


Jerod Blocker

Manager of Operational Technology

ARB Midstream

What if you had to upgrade a large-scale pipeline SCADA system in only three months? That was the challenge facing ARB Midstream when it acquired a new pipeline asset. ARB contracted Industrial Networking Solutions (INS) to migrate from its slow, high-cost, legacy SCADA software to a modern SCADA solution with cloud-based reporting, management, visibility, control, and redundancy features. In this session, get a detailed look at how ARB Midstream and INS leveraged the limitless power of Ignition, Ignition Edge, MQTT and AWS to deliver a standardized network infrastructure and a scalable, centrally manageable SCADA platform in just a few months.

Posted on October 1, 2019