Leveraging Container Deployments with Ignition on Docker

44 min video  /  1 minute read Download Slides


Kyle Chase

Chief Technology Officer

Kymera Systems


Kevin Collins

Automation Technical Director

EN Engineering, LLC.

In the same way that virtualization changed the way we develop and deploy industrial software, container computing presses on as the next enabler for scalable, robust, and efficient deployments and developer workflows. Containers can help solve some of the challenges presented by today’s complex and distributed architectures. This session will demonstrate how you can leverage Ignition on Docker to model complex architectures quickly, facilitate multi-version Ignition environments, and increase density on your development systems. Join Kymera & EN Engineering as they show how you can use container concepts to achieve better simulation and load testing for your MQTT deployments. They’ll also share what they’ve learned in using Ignition on Docker and help you envision what you can create with this exciting technology!

Posted on October 1, 2020