Integrator Roundtable Discussion: Facing the Future of Automation

Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Environment

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As the increase in data and devices transforms the industrial space, industrial organizations are looking for greater mobility and interoperability in their control systems. System integrators are playing an important role in this as they help enterprises transition to a world where everything is connected.

More than ever, integrators must strive to address customers' pain points today while keeping an eye on what tomorrow may bring. Where do the biggest opportunities lie? Which solutions will best fit their customers' changing needs? Which skills do they need to develop for the future?

This webinar will bring together experienced system integrators from a variety of industries for a compelling discussion. Learn how integrators are approaching some of today’s biggest challenges and helping customers realize the full potential of automation.

Get integrators' insights on:

  • "Brownfield" vs. "Greenfield" projects
  • Trends in HMI, SCADA, and MES
  • Cloud vis. edge computing
  • The importance of open standards
  • The future of manufacturing jobs
  • And more
Posted on June 22, 2017