Touring Tomorrow's Digital Factory

Inside the Trends Transforming the Industrial Space

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Major shifts are underway in the world of manufacturing. A convergence of technology trends is driving demand for simplified, standardized, and connected system architectures that facilitate faster industrial-data analysis at an enterprise level. New opportunities abound — but how can industrial organizations transition from where they are now to where they need to be?

ARC Advisory Group Vice President Craig Resnick and Inductive Automation Chief Strategy Officer Don Pearson discuss a new type of IIoT architecture that can increase data throughput, provide greater agility, and improve enterprise-wide communication. Learn how IIoT could reshape the way industrial organizations implement system architectures, and deepen your knowledge of the key factors driving this movement.

Explore megatrends in manufacturing: 

  • Digital enterprise/IIoT platforms
  • Edge computing
  • Open enterprise architectures for the IIoT age
  • Virtual and augmented reality in factory environments
  • The factory workforce of the future
  • Cybersecurity needs and solutions
  • And more
Posted on March 1, 2018