Technical Keynote & Developer Panel

65 min video  /  1 minute read


Colby Clegg

Chief Executive Officer

Inductive Automation

Carl Gould

Chief Technology Officer

Inductive Automation

Sabrina Reis

Director of Software Engineering

Inductive Automation

Ray Sensenbach

Design Department Manager

Inductive Automation

Kevin Collins

Lead Software Engineer

Inductive Automation

Joel Specht

Senior Software Engineer

Inductive Automation

This year, the co-creators of Ignition, Colby Clegg and Carl Gould will be expanding the traditional developer panel into a new format. In this new Technical Keynote, Colby and Carl will cover the recent progress of Ignition and look at the roadmap for the near future of the platform. They will also get some help from a few Software Engineering Division all-stars to give further insight into specific aspects of the platform like security, advanced analytics, and design tools. 

Posted on October 14, 2022