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3 Reasons SCADA Software is Going Nowhere

SCADA technology and information technology (IT) have always been thought of as two different solutions. When companies realize the power of what IT practices and technology can do, they can gain a real advantage over the competition.

Innovations in traditional SCADA software have stagnated for three major reasons: SCADA software is too purpose specific, too tedious to implement, and has a constrictive licensing model.

While these problems are blocking the progress of traditional SCADA, enterprising companies that can find ways to overcome them stand to gain a huge advantage over their competitors.

In this webinar, we'll discuss how companies can gain an advantage over their competitors by blending information technology with SCADA software to achieve the following:

• Boost SCADA monitoring, control & analysis
• Increase collaboration throughout the enterprise
• Lower the total cost of ownership for your system

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