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Google Glass & Ignition SCADA Software

Imagine being able to see real-time data about alarms and alerts on the factory floor. That is precisely what Inductive Automation is doing with Google Glass. Kevin McClusky, Director of Design Services, has been working on pushing alarm notifications directly to Google Glass so that workers and managers can receive alarm notifications to their glasses instantly.

Currently, nothing special has to be installed onto Google Glass, but rather information is pushed to the glasses via the Google Glass web browser. McClusky is also working on enabling Ignition to send specific notifications via Google Glass to specific users. “Glass is going to shine with notifications on the plant floor to address immediately,” McClusky said. “Plus, you can use it to send images, not just text, for better collaboration.”

McClusky was eager to give demonstrations to attendees of the 2013 Ignition Community Conference. The announcement of such a project generated a lot of buzz around the conference and sparked conversations of where such technology is going and what else can be done utilizing the power of Ignition and other technologies. Development is still on-going and there is no target release date.

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