Ignition Exchange

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Discover, share, and download community made Ignition resources in collaboration with your organization or the Ignition community.

Video Transcription:

Cloud Templates is a place where you can access and share pre-built Vision templates. With the release of Perspective, we wanted to expand on that concept because Cloud Templates has a limited scope and can only be used with the Vision Module. So, we asked ourselves: How can we take that idea and make it limitless?

How can we make Ignition even more customizable? Encourage more collaboration and help you save even more time, money, and energy? The answer was to build the Ignition Exchange.

A free, online marketplace full of custom Ignition resources created by the community and the Inductive Automation team. Now, thousands of Ignition assets designed by others in various industries, can be shared and immediately accessed by your organization. 

This collection encompasses anything that can be built inside of Ignition including screens, graphics, templates, views, reports, alarm pipelines, scripting functions, database backups, projects, full systems, Ignition demos and more.There may even be some features to pull into projects that you’ve never thought of.

Filter through, and search for items by keyword, project type, or Ignition version. The Exchange keeps resources organized by version, so everyone knows at-a-glance what’s the most up-to-date. Share what you’ve created with the world, keep it private, or make resources visible just within your own organization. Access your resource library from anywhere in the world.

All uploaded files, no matter the format, are packaged into a zip file for easy download that you can import directly into the Ignition gateway.

Utilize an ever-expanding library facilitating collaboration and opening doors to opportunity. Create new resources, build on things others have done, search for new ideas, make your projects look even better an nd accelerate your development like never before.

The Exchange is currently pre-populated with resources created by Inductive Automation’s Sales Engineering Team.

Let’s build the exchange together, for a global community.

Posted on June 29, 2020