Perspective Workstation

Ignition 8.1

1 min video  /  1 minute read

With the new Perspective Workstation, you can instantly web-deploy native applications to any HMI, desktop, workstation, and multi-monitor configuration without the need for a third-party web browser.

Video Transcript:

Carl: Using Perspective Workstation, you can now run your Perspective applications as first-class desktop applications. Designed for HMIs, panel PCs and dedicated workstations, Perspective Workstation breaks Perspective out of the web browser and into native Windows, Mac or Linux applications. Perspective Workstation has built-in features to run in full- screen kiosk mode, eliminating any distractions from the underlying OS. There are also features to help you manage how your application runs on dedicated workstations with multiple monitors, configuring which of your pages is launched on which monitor.

Colby: With Perspective Workstation, your Perspective applications now have ideal deployment vehicles across any kind of computing device. The native Perspective mobile application creates a first-class mobile deployment experience. Deploying to a web browser is as simple as sending out a link. And now, Perspective Workstation creates a dedicated desktop deployment environment.

Posted on September 17, 2020