Quick Start

Ignition 8.1

1 min video  /  1 minute read

The Quick Start option provides simple tutorials and automatic configurations to set up things like security, connections to external devices, and databases faster than ever. Quick Start comes with a pre-configured sample project that includes core Ignition features for you to use, break apart, add to, and more to help you better understand and visualize Ignition.

Video Transcript:

Colby: When you install Ignition, it's a blank slate. You can turn it into anything. To get started, you have to configure things like security, connections to external devices and databases, and create projects. This isn't difficult to do, and we have plenty of documentation and training videos to help you get started. That said, we thought we could make things even easier. Upon a fresh install and commissioning of Ignition, new users will be given the option to use Quick Start.

Carl: Quick Start will automatically configure the gateway to have a sample tag provider, internal historian and connection to a simulator device. And most importantly, a sample project that will help introduce you to Ignition and that is designed to be reverse engineered in the Designer. The goal of Quick Start is to provide new users a way to quickly get started and explore what they can accomplish with Ignition and to learn by experimentation. We believe that this feature will be incredibly useful for those who are new to Ignition and will help provide a path to success.

Posted on September 17, 2020