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Upping Your Efficiency by Upgrading Your SCADA

Running on an out-of-date legacy SCADA system could be costing your company time and money. In this webinar, learn how to break your company's dependency on old SCADA and upgrade to The New SCADA standard, Ignition.

Expert integrator Kyle Chase of Kymera Systems discusses how he migrated an outdated HMI system to a web-based, cross-platform SCADA solution to help increase efficiencies at a hydrocarbon fluids plant.

Watch this free webinar to learn how upgrading to Ignition can improve product yield, operator efficiency, reliability, reporting, remote access, and the accuracy of controls.

What you’ll learn:
• How OPC-UA made it possible to connect with multiple control networks and share live plant data between facilities
• How a plant can get more done with fewer operators
• How forward-thinking integrators can leverage Ignition’s cross-platform capabilities
• And more

Learn how you can transform your system. Watch the webinar now!

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