De-Risk Your Digital Transformation — And Reduce Time, Cost & Complexity

60 min video  /  1 minute read Download PDF


Travis Cox

Chief Technology Evangelist

Inductive Automation

Arlen Nipper

President & CTO

Cirrus Link Solutions

Mike Peterson

Manufacturing Industry Executive


Matt Townsend

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions Expert

Although many manufacturers want to get a Digital Transformation project going, they feel hesitant about investing major time and effort into a project that may not deliver the desired results. However, just imagine if you could achieve a quick win for Digital Transformation in only 90 minutes!

At this webinar, you’ll find out how easy it can be to get a full Digital Transformation solution up and running. We’ll present a live demo about how to model data at the edge and then send the data to cloud services, where you can quickly start taking full advantage of it. Then, we’ll explore “the art of the possible” with examples of how to leverage this solution to decrease downtime, increase availability, and conserve energy. If you’re ready to see real Digital Transformation that works in the real world, don’t miss this free presentation!

  • Find out why starting Digital Transformation is easier than you think
  • Learn more about data modeling, context, and standardization
  • Discover simple ways to get operational data up to the cloud
  • Get your questions answered by Digital Transformation experts
Posted on October 26, 2022