Design Like a Pro: How to Pick the Right System Architecture

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Don Pearson

Chief Strategy Officer

Inductive Automation

Kevin McClusky

Co-Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive Automation

Whether your automation project has only a few tags or hundreds of thousands of tags, you need to make sure that it will work properly now and that it has enough room to grow in the future. Having the right architecture and server sizes are absolutely essential in reaching this goal.

If the process of determining the right architecture seems overwhelming, this is the webinar for you. During this one-hour presentation, we’ll provide many valuable tips for architecture and server sizing, and we’ll show you how the Ignition platform offers the right tools to build solutions of any size.

  • Get database sizing tips
  • Explore standard and scale-out architectures
  • Find out how to handle more tags through optimization
  • Learn about deployment with physical and virtual machines
  • Hear best practices for cloud architectures and security
  • And much more
Posted on May 13, 2021