Ditch Data Silos: Create a Unified Namespace with Ignition UDTs & MQTT

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Kent Melville

Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive Automation

Arlen Nipper

President & CTO

Cirrus Link Solutions

Data management can sometimes seem like the Wild West, with the chaos caused by inconsistent conventions for naming and organizing data. The current manual and point-to-point data entry methods used in the manufacturing industry result in inefficient operations, difficulty scaling, and dreaded data silos that make it hard for people to share information.

But with the Unified Namespace, we’re entering a new frontier where you can bring order to your data by standardizing how you organize and name it. And by doing that, you’ll increase efficiency, enable easy scalability, and say goodbye to data silos for good.

Join experts from Inductive Automation and Cirrus Link Solutions as they explain how to completely transform your organization with a Unified Namespace, and how Ignition UDTs, MQTT, and Sparkplug play vital roles in creating one.

  • Learn about the Unified Namespace and its major benefits
  • Get tips on building a successful Unified Namespace architecture
  • Find out how to leverage Ignition UDTs and MQTT for data standardization
  • Hear answers to your questions
Posted on June 2, 2023