Ignition Community Live: Ignition Edge at the I/O Level


Benson Hougland

Vice President, Marketing & Product Strategy

Opto 22

Ben Orchard

Senior Applications Engineer

Opto 22

Garrick Reichert

Senior Applications Engineer

Opto 22

Kent Melville

Sales Engineering Manager

Inductive Automation

With the introduction of Ignition Edge, Inductive Automation allows you to drive operational data collection at its source. And through the Ignition Onboard program, we made it possible for industrial hardware vendors to provide Ignition Edge pre-installed in products aimed at jumpstarting your Digital Transformation projects. These products include a range of industrial PCs (IPCs), cellular gateways, panel PCs, and PLCs, like Opto 22’s groov EPIC.

Now, Opto 22 has taken the next step to connect you to the source of your operational data with an Ignition Edge-powered, Ethernet input/output (I/O) module named groov RIO.

  • Instrument virtually any sensor, transmitter, or other I/O signal with over 200K software-configurable options in a single module
  • Integrate your I/O signals directly with an Ignition system through either a Gateway Area Network or MQTT with Sparkplug B
  • Connect to third-party PLCs and devices using Ignition Edge’s built-in driver modules

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Posted on June 2, 2021