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10 Steps to Architecting a Sustainable SCADA System

How Water Districts Can Build for Tomorrow on Today’s Budget

53 min video  /  1 minute read View slides

When trying to save money, organizations sometimes focus on short-term fixes that maintain the status quo. While these fixes may resolve the budget now, they can lead to much more expensive fixes later. Rather than getting caught in the endless loop of bolt-on solutions, save yourself stress and money by implementing a sustainable architecture.

Kent Melville and Annie Wise from Inductive Automation, and water/wastewater controls professionals Henry Palecheck and Jason Hamlin, discuss 10 steps for building a sustainable SCADA system that survives and even thrives using only your operational expenditure budget. 


You'll learn about:

  • What type of hardware and operating systems to use
  • Utilizing smart devices and MQTT
  • The advantages of server-centric architecture and web-based deployment
  • Rapid development with templates and UDTs
  • Powerful alarming and reporting tools
  • And more

For our blog post on sustainable SCADA for water districts, click here.


Posted on June 28, 2018