Getting Started with Lean Manufacturing

Beginning Steps for Continuous Improvement

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What if your industrial organization could eliminate more waste from its process, deliver more value to customers, and respond more quickly to market changes? That's the promise offered by lean manufacturing, a production methodology that works with the widely renowned principles of Six Sigma in the industrial space.

Many companies are eager to implement lean manufacturing, but they ask: Where do we start – especially if we're accustomed to running our operations in a certain way?

Jim Toman from Grantek Systems Integration and Don Pearson from Inductive Automation discuss about the steps your company should take to successfully start on the path to continuous improvement.

You'll learn about:

• The primary elements of Six Sigma
• How the right type of software can help with lean manufacturing
• How to enable lean manufacturing with manufacturing execution systems (MES) and HMI/SCADA systems
• Real-world use cases
• And more!

Posted on March 22, 2018