Practical IIoT Solutions for Manufacturing

Exploring a Variety of MQTT Architectures

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Many manufacturers want to bring the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things into their enterprise, but practical challenges and concerns around cost, maintenance, security, IT infrastructure, and data connectivity often stop IIoT projects in their tracks. Fortunately, there are proven ways to build cost-effective enterprise IIoT applications – the key is to build on an industrial application platform that integrates easily with other solutions. 

In this webinar, Travis Cox from Inductive Automation, Arlen Nipper from Cirrus Link Solutions, and Tom Hechtman from Sepasoft present a variety of IIoT architectures utilizing the Ignition platform and the MQTT protocol that can supercharge your applications, get your enterprise more connected, and help you do more with your data.

Learn About Affordable Ways to:

  • Integrate MQTT with MES/OEE
  • Use MQTT modules and devices with Ignition Edge to collect data from remote sites into a central control system
  • Obtain and leverage higher-level analytics such as AI, machine learning, and business intelligence
  • Bring self-learning technology into your manufacturing plant
  • And more!
Posted on August 27, 2018