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Dave Fogle and Colby Clegg

Inductive Automation
Dave Fogle
Dave Fogle is Director of Support Services & Training at Inductive Automation and works to provide amazing technical support to customers. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Chico. Dave began his employment with Inductive Automation as a Software Support Representative and over the years has worked with numerous customers, solving a wide range of technical support issues. Under his leadership, the Inductive Automation technical support team is regularly praised by Ignition users as being the best in the industry.

Colby Clegg
Colby has been with Inductive Automation since the company’s formation, and is one of the original designers of the Ignition software. His day-to-day goal is to make Ignition do more things in more places, focusing on data management, performance, and distributed computing. Outside of work, you'll probably find him exploring the incredible countryside surrounding Folsom and beyond on his bike.