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Dave Fogle and Colby Clegg

Inductive Automation
Dave Fogle
Dave Fogle is the VP of Technology of Inductive Automation. In this role, Dave is responsible for the complete cycle of the company’s product offerings from creation, delivery, training, support, to ongoing maintenance, all with the aim of creating the optimal environment for rapid market expansion, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. Dave started in 2010 as a Software Support Representative and later rose to become Director of Support and Training before being promoted to VP of Technology. Over the years, he has worked with thousands of customers, solving a wide range of technical support issues. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Chico.

Colby Clegg
Colby Clegg is the Chief Executive Officer of Inductive Automation. Colby has been with Inductive Automation since the company’s formation, and is one of the original creators of the Ignition software platform. After serving in a variety of leadership positions, including Co-Director of Software Engineering and VP of Technology, Colby was selected by Founder Steve Hechtman to become Inductive Automation’s CEO in 2022. As CEO, he oversees the company’s strategic vision and execution, ensuring that the goals set forth by the Board of Directors are achieved and maintained. Colby is dedicated to a long-term vision of establishing and maintaining Inductive Automation's role as a leader in the market, and Ignition as the platform of choice for all industrial software needs.