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News / May 06, 2010

Free Modbus Driver Added to Ignition OPC-UA

Inductive Automation is pleased to announce the addition of Modbus TCP/IP to Ignition OPC-UA, the world's first cross-platform, completely free OPC-UA server. The Modbus protocol is used in millions of devices around the world. The new driver allows Ignition OPC-UA to connect to a broad variety of devices, such as solar cells, lights, generators, flow meters, and even bar code scanners and refrigeration skids.

Ignition OPC-UA is offered free as a stand-alone server, and is also included as a free module within the Ignition software. Ignition is a robust platform for creating web-launched HMI, SCADA and MES systems that can run on Windows, Linux, OS X and more. With full support for OPC-UA and classic OPC, and now Modbus, Ignition can be adapted to connect to virtually any industrial device.

With its lightning-fast speed, the Modbus driver allows users to quickly and easily access device data while leveraging the power of OPC-UA and Ignition's 100% cross-platform architecture. With minimal configuration, users can make Modbus data available through Ignition OPC-UA to any third party client and to the rest of Ignition in order to log history, display status, create control screens and more.

The Modbus driver is compatible with native Modbus TCP/IP devices, as well as Modbus RTU devices through the use of a fieldbus gateway. The Modbus driver joins the Allen-Bradley suite along with the new UDP/TCP driver to expand the reach and flexibility of Ignition.

To download Ignition by Inductive Automation and get a free license for the Ignition OPC-UA server with Modbus driver, click here.