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Cross-Platform OPC-UA Functionality

High-Performance OPC-UA Client and Server for SCADA

The Ignition OPC-UA Module adds OPC-UA server and client functionality to an Ignition system. Inductive Automation was the first company to independently develop an OPC-UA stack from scratch and successfully test it at a major interoperability workshop. We know OPC-UA inside and out, and are very excited about being on the forefront of the future of industrial communication.

Server & Client

The OPC-UA Module is best described in two parts because it implements both server and client functionality. The module's server portion comes with drivers for devices that support Modbus. Drivers for popular devices by Allen-Bradley and Siemens are available at an additional cost. The Ignition OPC-UA Module also features an open driver API. This means you can write your own drivers for the module. Learn more at the developers section.

Based on Modern IT Protocols

The OPC-UA specification is based on TCP, which means no more configuring DCOM. Your connections are made by IP address, so connecting to a remote machine is as easy as connecting to a local one.

Windows. Linux. You Pick.

One of the greatest things about OPC-UA is that since it's based on open technologies like TCP, it can be implemented on multiple platforms. And that's just what we did. It works just as well on Linux as it does on Windows. In fact, since it's written in 100% Java, you can run the Ignition OPC-UA Module on just about any system that supports Java v.6 or v.7.


Because the module is based on TCP, the same security methods are available that allow you to set up RSA encryption in just a few moments.


The Ignition OPC-UA Module was built for speed by using the high-performance binary-TCP encoding and transport model in OPC-UA. The multi-threaded device model was written to ensure fast updates and to enable massive concurrent tag counts.

It's Free, Too!

The Ignition OPC-UA Module is a free module that is included in the base install of Ignition. You can also use it as a stand-alone OPC-UA server for your existing SCADA system. To download it, go to the downloads page and install the full version of Ignition.
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