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Press Release / April 24, 2014

New SECS/GEM Driver Opens New Possibilities

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Inductive Automation is proud to announce the release of its open-standards-based SECS/GEM driver. The new driver is available now at the Module Marketplace.

The SECS/GEM Module enables Ignition projects and third-party applications to communicate with semiconductor fab equipment. The module utilizes the HSMS-SS and SECS II standards to communicate with equipment over Ethernet. In the near future, SECS I for serial connections will be supported as well.

The module achieves interoperability with third-party systems through the use of shared database tables. For use with Ignition software – a rapid application development and deployment platform – built-in mapping to tags or scripting functions can be utilized.

Driver configuration is done with a web-based configuration interface which includes a built-in editor for creating custom SECS messages. Over 100 SECS message definitions from the SECS II and GEM standards are supported out of the box. Ignition and this driver are cross-platform capable because both were developed in Java.

An equipment simulator is included with the module to help users get started and learn, and for testing applications. The driver may be downloaded and tested for free from the Ignition Module Marketplace. The module also includes a built-in manual that covers the capabilities and functionality of the module in detail.

To visit the Module Marketplace now, click here.