OPC UA Module: Upping Your Interoperability

2 min video  /  2 minute read

The OPC UA Module adds a cross-platform OPC UA server and client to Ignition, making it easy to exchange data between devices and forming the core of most Ignition applications. With a host of built-in drivers for common protocols as well as a public API that enables third parties to build their own drivers, the OPC UA Module increases the interoperability of any system — simply browse for tags in the PLC, drag them into Ignition, and they're ready to go.


Travis Cox:
The OPC UA Module simply adds an OPC UA server and an OPC UA client to Ignition. OPC UA is an international standard that's provided by the OPC Foundation that makes it easy to exchange device data between different applications. The OPC UA Module is included in the Ignition platform license, and it's core to most applications you build in Ignition. With Ignition's OPC UA server, there are a host of device drivers that are included for common protocols. Each device driver is provided by its own module, and we cover that in more detail in another video. Those modules include the Allen-Bradley Ethernet drivers for logic controllers, Micro800s, slicks, and PLC5s, Modbus CCP and RTU, Siemens S7 Protocol, UDP and TCP for capturing data over the wire as tags, DNP3, Omron NJ and FINS, BACnet, IEC 61850, and Mitsubishi TPC.

Travis Cox:
The module also provides a public API, so that third parties can build their own drivers for Ignition. In fact, there's a module showcase with several third-party device drivers that are using that API. Once you've connected to device and Ignition, you can simply use the OPC browser to browse for tags in the PLC, drag them into Ignition, and they're ready to go. The module also works with Ignition's redundancy, so you can have a redundant OPC UA server. On the OPC UA client side, the module provides failovers so you can work with third party redundant systems. The OPC UA Module is robust and secure and allows you to manage client and server certificates. Try the OPC UA Module and all the device drivers by downloading your free Ignition trial today.

Posted on April 9, 2024