Pushing the Boundaries of Data Visualization

Real Use Cases of the Ignition Perspective Module

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Kevin McClusky

Co-Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive Automation

Michael Crawford​

Vice President ‑ Operations

NLS Engineering

Alex Marcy, P.E.


Corso Systems

Peter J. Photos, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist/EVP Engineering

Streamline Innovations, Inc.

The data revolution promised that data would be available anywhere at any time, and now that promise is starting to be fulfilled. Recently, some truly remarkable industrial projects have demonstrated new possibilities for data visualization and system architectures. These projects all leverage the Ignition Perspective Module, which makes it easier than ever to design mobile-responsive applications and get more data to more people. 

In this upcoming webinar, see the solutions that innovative professionals in a variety of industries are building with the Ignition industrial application platform, the Ignition Perspective Module, and other modern technologies. Find out what’s possible today for organizations like yours!

  • See how virtual reality and 3D imaging can be integrated with control systems
  • Find out how monitoring systems can have greater speed, depth, and versatility
  • Learn how it’s possible to affordably build intelligent systems with full bidirectional control
  • Discover simple-to-use tools for building mobile industrial applications in HTML5
  • See examples of adding Ignition Perspective to Vision projects
  • And more!
Posted on November 11, 2019