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Advanced Alarm Configuration
Easily Configure an Advanced Alarming System
When you work in Ignition, you can fine-tune your alarming system to get a much higher quantity and quality of information from it.

Ignition gives you the ability to configure multiple alarms per tag. There are many types of alarms available: equality, inequality, inside or outside range, bad quality, outside engineering limits, and more.

By binding alarm configuration properties to external data, you can create very powerful configurations such as dynamically variable alarm set points, state-based alarming and intelligent alarm enable / disable. By binding an alarm to other alarms, you can prevent one alarm from setting off an alarm flood that would make it harder to detect the root cause.

You can also add associated data to get contextual information from your alarms, giving you a broader perspective of what's taking place in your system and what may be causing the alarm.

The status table component supports alarm shelving, which allows you to temporarily silence an alarm while you work on fixing the problem. You can acknowledge alarms and even see trending within the status table itself.

Ignition replaces a traditional alert log with a more robust alarm journaling system. This component makes it easy to record and quickly query alarm events, system events, user actions and more. The journaling system works with the store-and-forward system to ensure that no data is lost due to connectivity interruptions.

The combination of Ignition alarming and templates can yield impressive benefits. You can dramatically speed up the deployment process by writing alarms in templates instead of tediously dragging and dropping alarm tags.

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