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Ignition allows developers to say "Yes, I can do that" to problems that leave other developers scratching their heads. Ignition could be considered the “magic” that lets you build SCADA or MES applications without limit.

Machines, people, business processes and data are valuable assets to your company. Bring them together in a way unlike ever before, using Ignition. Empower innovation throughout your entire company by synchronizing all assets in one central location.

Ignition goes beyond SCADA and lets you do so much more than any other standard SCADA software package. Want to track production and work in progress? Want to know which raw material vendors result in the highest quality finished products? Want to eliminate paperwork on the plant floor? Ignition can do that.

If you can dream it, Ignition can do it.

Just about any other software out there forces you to scrap your unique way of doing things and put it into a one-size-fits-all model. Ignition doesn't do this; it lets you build your application around your existing processes. After all, your unique processes are your competitive advantage.

Ignition puts you in the driver's seat. This ensures you can retain your way of doing things so you can keep your competitive advantage.

Did you know that our entire team at Inductive Automation uses a custom CRM (customer relationship management) system built with Ignition? Ignition isn't limited to just HMI, SCADA or MES applications. Make an application for any department – then tie it into your entire enterprise, including the plant floor.

Our customers have found ingenious uses for Ignition. They’re doing things they never dreamt possible, and are making their companies much more efficient.

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