Web-Based Deployment

Quickly Get HMI / SCADA Systems Up and Running
Ignition makes it simple to store and access the information you need, when you need it. It deploys in seconds to any client machine equipped with a web browser, so you can build and launch your HMI / SCADA system with speed and ease unlike ever before.
Web Based SCADA Software

Installs in Minutes

Installation can be completed in 3 minutes. You only have to install it once, in one place on the server. After that, you can instantly launch client screens to any machine.
  • 3-Minute Install: Install and launch clients with ease
  • Java Web Start Technology: Works on any client machine
  • Fast Upgrades: All clients instantly update when the server is upgraded

Launch Clients Instantly

Just click "launch" to deploy a client. Repeat as many times as you want, and watch as clients are instantly deployed across your entire network.
  • Fast Deployment: Deploy client screens across your system like magic
  • Everyone Gets Access: You get unlimited users with each license
  • Connect from Anywhere: Remote access in the field or traveling

Server Centric

Ignition's server-centric model lets you manage all of your data from one location to facilitate easy access to your information in real time, giving your business what it needs to thrive.
  • Develop Once, Deploy Everywhere: Get your project completed faster
  • Easy Maintenance: Instantly make changes to all clients with one click
  • Build Any Size System: Small or large, you're in control
  • Down to Earth, or In the Cloud: Put your server anywhere you want

Powered by Databases

Unleash the power of databases with Ignition. Blending databases with HMI / SCADA applications opens up a world of possibilities for data processing and analysis.
  • Make PLC Data Easily Accessible: Get data into an open format
  • Increased Analysis: Databases give you new insights into your data
  • Easily Connect to Any Database: Works with your existing databases
  • Multiple Databases: Connect all databases together in one place

Cross Platform

Ignition’s web-based architecture makes it platform independent and easy to connect to no matter where you are.
  • Use Any OS: Runs on Windows®, Linux, OS X, and more
  • Powered by Java: Java is the key to platform independence
  • Award-Winning: Ignition holds Oracle's award for innovation

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