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From the beginning of Inductive Automation, content marketing has been a key method for sharing knowledge and cultivating the Ignition community. This year, we released around 200 pieces of content, and while those of us who work on content each have our favorites, it’s the audience that ultimately decides which pieces have the greatest impact. As 2022 comes to an end, join us now to look back at our most popular content releases and catch up on any that you might have missed.


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Top Webinar: 'New Ignition Features In Action'

This year's most-attended webinar was one of a kind, showcasing some of the most noteworthy features from the software development team's monthly "release train" updates. Each update is full of additions and enhancements based on customer requests. Inductive Automation Chief Strategy Officer Don Pearson, Chief Technology Architect and VP of Sales Kevin McClusky, and Sales Engineer III Matthew Raybourn showcased more than 20 of the latest visualization tools, designer features, scripting capabilities, and supporting technology changes in Ignition. They proved to us that we don't have to wait for Ignition 8.3 to get the breakthrough improvements we've come to expect from Ignition.

See the webinar: https://inductiveautomation.com/resources/webinar/new-ignition-features-in-action


Todd Ebright and Nate Kay of Martin Control Systems Inc.


Top Podcast Episode: 'Guiding Customers Through Digital Transformation'

This episode of Inductive Conversations with Todd Ebright and Nate Kay of the Ignition Premier integrator Martin Control Systems Inc. covers a lot of bases, so it makes sense that it had the most downloads and listens. They talk about how they got started in the controls industry, winning the Firebrand Award, building a new system that combines Ignition Edge and Opto 22, and some of the biggest trends in automation. They also explain how they incorporate Digital Transformation into their projects and the difficulties they and their customers have faced in implementing it over the years. This rounds out the podcast with a combination of compelling and useful information.

Listen to the podcast: https://inductiveautomation.com/resources/podcast/guiding-customers-through-digital-transformation


Two workers walking down a hallway in an industrial building.


Top Case Study: 'New SCADA Helps to Heat Second-Largest City in Denmark'

Our most-viewed case study in 2022 was for Kredsløb, a leading provider of district heating that helps keep households in Aarhus, Denmark warm. Ignition Premier integrator Enuda AB empowered Kredsløb to take control of its future by replacing its old proprietary system with Ignition. “They have an organization now capable of maintaining and developing their own SCADA system,” said Jan Madsen, Founder of Enuda AB. This case study is understandably popular – the new system supports more than 1,200 miles of pipe running below the city, includes approximately 700,000 tags, and has around 150 connected devices.

Read the case study: https://inductiveautomation.com/resources/casestudy/kredslob


Thumbnail from Episode 33 Ignition Community Live webinar with Travis Cox.


Top Ignition Community Live: 'Ignition Platform Demo'

Watching Travis Cox’s Ignition expertise in action is always an incredible experience, and this demo was no exception, drawing the highest number of attendees across all Ignition Community Live (ICL) webinars in 2022. It’s no wonder this ICL captured so much attention – in under an hour, Travis shows how to build a complete system from scratch. This demo goes through Ignition’s full range of capabilities, including project design, mobile-responsive applications, leveraging MQTT to send data to the cloud, and more.

Watch the episode: https://inductiveautomation.com/resources/webinar/ignition-community-live-ignition-platform-demo


Ignition dashboard with four dials showing different values.


Top Videos: 'Combining Mobile Layout Strategies in Ignition Perspective' and '#ClawMachine Controlled by #Ignition at #ICCX'

The top normal-length video is a clip from the “5 Mobile-Responsive Layout Strategies” webinar in March. In it, Travis Cox explored 5 container types in Ignition Perspective: Coordinate Container, Tab Container, Flex Container, Column Container, and Breakpoint Container. In June, a sixth container type called the Split Container was released in Ignition 8.1.18.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/zdtfybott2w

Shorts are a hot category in the world of video so the competition was fierce but this video managed to claw its way to the top (literally).

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/oMm-jp5ZShU


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Top Blog Posts: 'Ignition 8.1.17: Important Security Update, Tag Editor UX/UI Improvements, and So Much More' and 'Company Leaders Step Into New Roles'

Our Ignition release-train blog posts are always popular and have pretty much become a blog genre of their own. This year, there were 10 release trains and the blog post about 8.1.17 was the most popular. It was certainly a packed version, with an important security update, a major Tag Editor update, and improvements to Perspective, Vision, Docker, EAM, OPC UA, drivers and the platform.

Read the blog post: https://inductiveautomation.com/blog/ignition-8117-important-security-update-tag-editor-uxui-improvements-and-so-much-more

Meanwhile, the most-viewed non-release blog post was “Company Leaders Step Into New Roles,” which announced important changes in our company’s leadership team. After much planning and consideration, Steve Hechtman and Wendi-Lynn Hechtman announced that they would continue to lead as the Executive Chairmen of the Board of Directors while promoting Colby Clegg to CEO and Kat Jeschke to COO, along with other important promotions.

Read the blog post: https://inductiveautomation.com/blog/company-leaders-step-into-new-roles


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Top ICC sessions: 'Main Keynote' and 'Industry Panel: Exploring Digital Transformation'

After two years of virtual Ignition Community Conferences, it was nice to get back to a live-on-stage keynote format. Keynotes are known for encapsulating the past year as well as looking ahead to upcoming developments, and this year’s keynote lived up to that by covering the state of the company, the growth of the community, the official announcement of the upcoming Ignition Cloud Edition, and even the intersection between trends occurring in the global marketplace, in technology, and in the manufacturing space.

In addition to keynotes, conference-goers love a good panel discussion. The best panel discussions fit a wide gamut of relevant topics and expert perspectives into a quick timeframe, and this year’s Industry Panel session provided a sterling example. It brought together expertise in food processing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, warehouse control, product development, Industry 4.0, and more. The panelists discussed many aspects of Digital Transformation including getting started, company culture, security, process improvement, and supply-chain challenges.


Microsoft Industry Executive Jeff Winter doing a talk at ICC X.


Top Social Post: 'Jeff Winter at ICC X'

This LinkedIn post featured photos of Microsoft Industry Executive Jeff Winter speaking at ICC X and invited readers to share insights they gained from his session, “Unlocking Innovation & Delivering New Services Through Digital Transformation.” Considering that Jeff has more than 40,000 LinkedIn followers, it makes sense that this post got lots of engagement.

See the post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6978415479421833216/

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David joined the company in 2013, bringing his wordsmithing skills to its webinars, blog posts, newsletters, conferences, and more. Before becoming Co-Director of Marketing, David served as Marketing Communications & Content Manager for 7 years. In his current role, David directs the content, branding, and multimedia departments, and collaborates with other IA divisions and Ignition community members to produce valuable marketing assets. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with emphasis in Advertising from California State University, Fullerton.
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