The New Ignition v7.9

See, Maintain, and Manage Your Enterprise With Ease

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About this Webinar

The new Ignition version 7.9 raises the bar for security, performance, and ease of use for the industry, and it removes all the friction that users encounter when developing projects with traditional SCADA packages.

The Ignition industrial application platform features a completely revamped Gateway with an intuitive user interface design, robust troubleshooting features, and an improved ability to share information between Ignition Gateways.

In this webinar, take a guided tour through Ignition v7.9 with Inductive Automation’s Co-Directors of Software Engineering Carl Gould and Colby Clegg, and Chief Strategy Officer Don Pearson. Discover exciting new features like the fully rebuilt Gateway Status section, Distributed Services on the Gateway Network, and many user-requested improvements.

Learn about all this and more:

  • How the Distributed Services feature unlocks new architectural possibilities
  • Why it's now easier to get status information at a glance
  • How we've made the logging system more powerful and easier to use
  • How to use tags from Ignition installations in different locations at a central site
  • Why it's never been easier to identify trouble spots and resolve system issues
Posted on October 12, 2016