Expandability and Scalability

Custom Mobile Apps

Create Custom HMI / SCADA Apps For Mobile Devices
Design Your Own HMI / SCADA Apps

Create custom mobile HMI / SCADA apps using the Ignition Designer - just like you would for any other Ignition project. To design a new project that is mobile-optimized, start with your phone's aspect ratio and use large buttons that are touch-friendly. Mobile HMI / SCADA apps can be read-only or read/write, just like normal Ignition Vision projects.

Access All Your SCADA Projects

Launch your existing Ignition Vision SCADA projects on your mobile devices! No re-work is required. You can view project screens as they are presently designed, so you will be up and running as soon as the Ignition Mobile Module is installed on the Ignition gateway. Mobile devices can pan and zoom to access HMI / SCADA screens designed for larger monitors.

Popular Types of HMI / SCADA App Projects

Since manufacturing companies can use the Ignition Mobile Module to develop custom HMI / SCADA mobile applications, there's no more wishing there was an app that did this or that. Here are a few popular ways manufacturers are using Ignition Mobile Module to manage their processes:

  • Current production levels
  • Alarm management
  • Downtime reason entry
  • KPI monitoring
  • Trends and charts
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