Real-Time Control & Monitoring

Data Acquisition
Ignition's built-in set of comprehensive data-acquisition tools and a high performance industrial historian makes capturing and archiving your data easier than ever.

Looking back to previous data to discover trends is an invaluable tool in helping improve your process and troubleshoot potential issues. That’s why Ignition comes with built-in, high-performance industrial historian functionality (SQLBridge and Vision modules required). SQLTags™ is Ignition's real-time tag database that integrates naturally with any SQL database. The SQLTags Historian feature provides efficient and open-format process history with an easy query interface.

Ignition fully harnesses the power of transaction groups to log data, synchronize PLCs, track downtime and manage recipes. In Ignition your data is always stored in an easy-to-use format. Stored procedure support, flexible execution scheduling, and triggering allow for precise control and monitoring.

All historical data in Ignition goes through our robust store-and-forward engine, ensuring that no records are ever lost. In the case of connection lag or failure, data can be buffered to memory and cached to a local disk. When the underlying connection is available, the data is quickly forwarded to the server in time-efficient batches.

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