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Designer Application Included
Ignition comes out-of-the-box with the most innovative, full-featured, and flexible HMI / SCADA design development application on the market today, at no extra cost.

Many HMI / SCADA packages have design applications that are either too restrictive or overly complex, and some require that a separate license be purchased for each individual design client. These problems can severely limit the scope and quality of an HMI / SCADA project. At Inductive Automation™ we believe in empowering the greatest asset your company has ... you! That's why Ignition includes a free, unlimited designer application.

The Ignition Designer includes unlimited designer clients to be launched. This allows multiple people to simultaneously develop the same HMI / SCADA projects at the same time. Screen locking prevents two users from overriding each-other on the same screen, so everyone can do their part without worry.

Reduce your implementation timeline and increase the collaborative efforts of your team by having them work concurrently on the same project. What once would have taken a week can now get done in a day.

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