Rapid Development

Rapid Application Development Tools to Save You Time
The object-oriented development environment, rich component library and data-binding functionality make it simple to create powerful, dynamic HMI / SCADA projects that can be customized to whatever need you have. Ignition empowers you with all the tools you need to turn your HMI / SCADA visions into reality. Don't just build a project, innovate one.

Tools to Empower Your Innovation

Machines, people, business processes and data are valuable assets to your company. Bring them together in a way unlike ever before, using Ignition. Empower innovation throughout your entire company by synchronizing all assets in one central location.
  • Innovative: Create projects that were never possible before
  • Customizable: Build your SCADA around your business processes
  • Versatile: Tie together every asset of your business into one system

Designer Application Included

Ignition comes out-of-the-box with the most innovative, full-featured, and flexible HMI / SCADA design development application on the market today, at no extra cost.
  • Free & Unlimited: You get unlimited design clients to develop projects
  • Concurrent Development: Multiple developers can work concurrently
  • Reduce Project Timelines: Multiple developers working at the same time means projects get done faster

Object-Oriented Development

Drag-and-drop data binding, a rich component library, component templates, and data templates allow you to build HMI / SCADA projects faster than ever before.
  • Data Binding: Easily drag and drop PLC data tags onto components
  • Component Library: Pre-built components get your project started fast
  • Component Templates: Make components once; use over and over
  • User-Defined Data Types: Time-saving templates for data sets

Drawing Tools

Versatile drawing tools let you create any shape and modify it with a variety of line strokes, color fills, patterns and gradients.
  • Vector 2D Drawing: Draw any shape or B├ęzier curves right inside Ignition
  • Import Graphics: Import SVG files or directly from Symbol Factory
  • Animations: Use dynamic positioning to build animations

Powerful Scripting Engine

Advanced functionality can be achieved using the built-in Python scripting engine. Python is an extremely popular, powerful, and best of all, easy-to-learn scripting language.
  • Graphical Script Builders: No scripting knowledge required
  • Familiar & Popular: Well-supported language worldwide
  • Open & Accessible: Freedom from proprietary code
  • Efficient: Less scripting required to perform functions

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