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Vision Module
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The Vision Module delivers a dynamic, powerful, and beautiful HMI experience unlike any other. Display real-time and historical data on everything from status-and-control screens to interactive charts and tables so you can analyze data at-a-glance and quickly act on it.

Since all HMI / SCADA clients are connected to a central server, everyone in your company will stay up-to-date and can easily access the real-time data they need.

You'll never be limited by how many user seats, screens or tags you can use because the Ignition Vision Module includes unlimited clients and tags per central server. Every member of your company can have insight into operations at no additional cost.

SQLBridge Diagram
Vision Module Features:
  • Real-Time Status & Control
  • Alarming
  • Real-Time Data Analysis
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Database Front-End
  • Vector-Based 2D Drawing Tools
  • Graphic Animations
  • Import SVG and Symbol Factory Files
  • Component Templates
  • Instantly Update All Screens
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